Being a community youth group means we need help from the local community. So we would like to thank a number of people who have helped us get up and running. We would like to say thanks to the following:

Firstly, our young navigators and the parents for their support and coming with us from the dark side.

Ewan Scott from Upper Dearne Valley Navigators - For the help getting us going and the advice.

Allison Hopkins from Phoenix Navigators - Aldridge - For all the advice and encouragement.

Ed & Richard from Tir-a-Mor Printing Fishguard - for all the printing.

The Gateway Club - for giving youth a chance and allowing us to use their building. - The guys at UniformEasy - for supplying our uniforms

Fishguard & Goodwick Town Council - for their donation of £300 for craft & sports equipment - for their very kind donation & the member of the public who nominated us.